Belarusian Chronicle, 9-10/1999

Belarusian Chronicle

Беларуская хроніка


Месца выхаду: London

Дата выхаду: 1999-03

Рэдактар: Guy Picarda

Выдавец: Anglo-Belarussian Society

Кнігазбор: KAMUNIKAT — гэты сайт (электронны варыянт)

LECTURE on “The Rehabilitation of Radioactive contaminated areas” (with illustrations) was given to the Anglo-Belarusian Society by Dr Alan Flowers at the Belarusian Cultural and Social Centre. Some 25 members and visitors were present. After the meeting an informal buffet was provided by Joan Dziejko and helpers. A MEETING of the organisation “Aid to the Children of Belarus” was held at Cwmbryn, Gwent attended by official representatives of Belarus. Funds were raised for the benefit of convalescent children in particular by sales of CDs of Belarusian music. An official Reception was held at Leighton House, London W. Among the guests present were the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and representatives of academic and diplomatic circles in London.


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