Trainers Handboek

Trainers Handboek

Месца выхаду: Hague

Дата выхаду: 1995

Выдавец: CDA-foundation for International Solidarity Eduardo Frei

Памеры: 50 s.

Катэгорыя: Грамадзтва

Кнігазбор: EEDC — бібліятэка Усходнеэўрапейскага дэмакратычнага цэнтру, ul. Proletariacka 11, Białystok (папяровы асобнік)

Інвэнтарныя нумары: EEDC — [2546]

Сыгнатура: XV.3.Tre

What is this book about? This book is designed for christian-democratic trainers all over the world. You want to develop a course or offer one? There are many things to consider! For whom is the course meant? What should students learn? How do you present that information in an engaging way? This handbook treats these questions! This Trainers Handbook is published by the Foundation for International Solidarity ’Eduardo Frei’ of the Dutch Christian Democratic Party (CDA). The Foundation was founded in July 1990. Eduardo Frei was one of the founders of the Christian Democratic Party of Chili (Partido Democrata Cristiano) and President of Chili from 1964 to 1970. Through its activities the Dutch Eduardo Frei Foundation seeks to contribute both to consolidating existing Christian democratic institutions and to nurturing peaceful transitions to democracy. (Preface, fragment)

Каталёг: EEDC

Толькі ў бібліятэцы Усходнеэўрапейскага дэмакратычнага цэнтру (папяровы асобнік)