Education for the Transition, Part I

Education for the Transition

International Cooperation in Social Science Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe. A Conference Report

Месца выхаду: Budapest

Дата выхаду: 1997

Выдавец: Civic Education Project in association wuth the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen

Памеры: 40 s.

ISBN: 963-04-7935-4

Катэгорыя: Палітыка; Правы чалавека; Грамадзтва

Copyright © 1997 by Civic Education Project

Кнігазбор: EEDC — бібліятэка Усходнеэўрапейскага дэмакратычнага цэнтру, ul. Proletariacka 11, Białystok (папяровы асобнік)

Інвэнтарныя нумары: EEDC — [3008]

A conference in mid-January 1997 brought together international funders and Central and East European government officials, university rectors, and higher education experts to set an agenda for future international cooperation in social science higher education. This agenda grew out of the findings of the needs assessment study contained in Part II of Education for the Transition. (Executive Summary, fragment)

Каталёг: EEDC

Толькі ў бібліятэцы Усходнеэўрапейскага дэмакратычнага цэнтру (папяровы асобнік)